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Yes, more clutches and why not? Clutches are part of regular life now so get used to it =) This is bigger than what was considered the traditional so another thing to get used to is this new size being the average for clutches. I love this high flying chic design that is adorable and totally wearable. OK www.mihalis.de , maybe the tie closure is not the most practical but when you are out with a clutch, it is not to the airport or with your kids (although you never know, I have a lot of friends who don’t care to be practical, they almost seem to invite hassle and dysfunction, you know the type). This is the perfect spring color, pink of course goes with anything for Spring and Summer. My first pink bag I was hesitant to spend too much money on but as Tina will attest, pink is Spring’s black! Plus the yellow / beige trim is the perfect offset to go with your neutrals. This clutch has been seen everywhere, all over magazines and I am predicting it will put Allesandro Dell’Aqua on the map. Done are the mirror and animal prints (let’s just hope). Call the boutique in New York (212) 253-6861 to order, $750 available in February / March.

When I first saw the tie closure, it reminded me of those things many people put in our hair years ago. I can’t remember the name, but they warmed just as hot rollers did and they could bend. I never used them, but I always thought they were interesting.

Sorry. This clutch is plain ugly. Envelope clutch is boring. Paying close attention to the pink leather ( patent / ” smooth ” leather or whatever it is ) reminds me of bulging hand veins. The uneven edges suggest poor craftsmanship. And the tie closure…. please, EARTHWORM should only be seen in the garden !!

In a guy’s point of view, this is a big first date turn off.

Sam, I think you’ll find that the uneven edges, if there are any (as someone who owns quite a few handmade designer bags, it doesn’t look uneven mihalis , to me), are a result of the handcrafting process; not due to poor craftsmanship. Perhaps you are used to seeing machine-made bags?

I think it’s an interesting design and I love clutches, but I’ve decided I don’t like patent, much, unless it’s high quality mock croc, or fishscale, as I agree with you on this, Sam, a huge expanse of shiny, slightly wrinkly leather (especially in pale pink/lilac), isn’t too attractive. I think a soft, matt or satin finish, pale pink nappa would have been far better.

Also, as I don’t wear a lot of light neutrals, even in summer, I would have preferred it if the beige areas were black, or perhaps very dark grey, or brown.

Finally, I believe it is possible to make bags that appear to have self-tie closures (which I love, BTW), but which actually conceal hidden magnetic clasps and I think that would have been a far more practical solution. 🙂

Something about the tie and its hardware says surgical tubing to me. When I can force that out of my mind, it looks quite lovely. Maybe its just the color scheme that says “medical” to me.

hi –

I think the designer’s name is “Alessandro dell’ Acqua”

he’s been ‘on the map’ for quite a while…I think his first collection goes back to ’96

Allesandro Dell’Aqua

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